Spraying and urea.

All of the corn has been sprayed with post herbicide. We also spread urea on all of the corn. Waiting for dry weather and we will spray the soybeans.

2015 Planting Season Finished Up

All of the seeds have been put in the ground for the 2015 season. We finished soybeans on May 13, 2015. All of the corn has emerged and the early soybeans are also emerged.

Planting progress.

All of the corn was planted by May 2 and over half of the beans have been planted as of May 3.

Started planting corn.

It is April 16th and the corn planters are rolling through the fields.

Spring is here.

The last  half of March was spent checking out the equipment to make sure it is ready for the filed.  Now that the calender has been flipped to April we are getting started in the fields.  We have reshaped and seeded some new waterways.  Leveled off the fields that we chiseled late last fall and anhydrous ammonia is being applied to the fields.  It will not be long and the we will be calling the coop to have the pre-emerge hebicides sprayed on the field and the field cultivators leveling out the ground so the seeds can be planted.

Spring Crop Insurance Guarantee

The spring crop insurance prices have been set.  For corn the price is $4.15 and for soybeans the price is $9.73.

Hauling Grain

The month of January has been spent hauling corn to the Flint Hills Ethanol plant in Iowa Falls.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

We would like to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.  We also want to wish you all a Happy New Year, we hope 2015 is a very blessed year for all of you.

Farm Program 2014

Brent has been filing out the paper work to get the farms enrolled into the new 2014 Farm Program.  We are updating the yields and reallocating base acres if it is needed.  The next step is enrolling in the ACR-CO program which has happened on some of the farms.

Harvest 2014 is Final

We finish combining corn on November 12.  We got most of the tillage done and a lot of anhydrous ammonia applied.  The early cold weather has made the end of the season a little more difficult.